Best Bug Bait




Will Best Bug Bait harm my family or pets?


The active ingredient is Boric Acid considered one of the safest ways to get rid of bugs. See the MSDS link to find how truly benign this product really is. The rest of the ingredients are vegetable and plant based.



How does Best Bug Bait get rid of bugs?


The bait is very attractive as a food for bugs. In the laboratory testing of BBB  roaches were given a choice between dog chow and BBB. They always choose BBB. Boric Acid basically dehydrates the insect and causes death. 



Why are ants not always attracted to Best Bug Bait?


On rare occasions you are dealing with an ant going through a protein phase. In this case just stir into the product a little peanut butter.




Hi. I bought some Best Bug Bait at Whole Foods Market. I got rid of my ant problem within days. It was a problem that my pest service could not get rid of, I love this stuff.


Steve M.Austin

Best Bug Bait is the best way I know for getting rid of ants. For me it is the best pest control product out there. Cockroach control, ant control. I'm sold! Thank you so much for making Best Bug Bait!


Mary S. Austin


I bought a package of Best Buy Bait at a market a couple of years ago. Our house is generally pest-free, but we had a problem with some baby roaches in the back bedroom shower area. I put out a couple of Best Bug Bait caps in the area, and we saw NO roaches for over a year! I started seeing a few again a few months ago, so I just bought another package and put fresh caps out a couple of days ago and have seen NO roaches. This is truly the best pest control product out there.


Thank you! 

Donna F.Dallas



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