Will Best Bug Bait harm my family or pets?

My active ingredient is Boric Acid considered one of the safest ways to get rid of bugs. See the  MSDS link to find how truly benign this product really is. The rest of the ingredients are vegetable and plant based.

How does Best Bug Bait get rid of bugs?

 My bait is very attractive as a food for bugs. In the laboratory testing of BBB  roaches were given a choice between dog chow and BBB. They always choose BBB. Boric Acid basically dehydrates the insect and causes death. 

Why are ants not always attracted to Best Bug Bait?

On rare occasions you are dealing with an ant going through a protein phase. In this case just stir into the product a little peanut butter.

    Over the years I had been asked by friends and neighbors for "some of that bug bait". Richter's Best Bug Bait Remedy helped them also. Flash forward to 2008, it was time to put this amazing product on the market as THE "Bug Bait in a Bottle Cap". After 2 years of laboratory testing and EPA registration I was ready to help people to be Bug Free Naturally. Best Bug Bait is now carried in many Texas stores including D/FW area Whole Foods and Gecko True Value.

     My wish is that everyone is completely satisfied with this fine product and when you see how well it works, please tell your friends! That's what I did.

It all started with a German Roach Problem.

 My kids and I had moved into a new home and unknowingly brought them with us from the old apartment that we had lived in. After trying a traditional pest-control service for months and months with no discernible difference, I decided to use an old family recipe to get rid of the roaches. It worked!


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