Best Bug Bait home pest control

Mission Statement

Best Bug Bait designed so YOU CAN do it YOURSELF..


Best Bug Bait is a "Green Pest Control" that is environmentally safe for your household. This easy to use home pest control product contains the active ingredient boric acid, that is mixed with my proprietary plant based recipe to become a proven roach killer. Best Bug Bait indoor pest product is so easy to use to get rid of silverfish, fruit flies, water bugs, ants, crickets, moths and more. 

Best Bug Bait is People, Pet and Planet friendly. 10 Stick Em' caps per bag, enough for an average sized home or apartment. You can find Best Bug Bait in the DFW area Whole Foods and many other fine stores. Or order on-line

Home Pest Control THAT  WORKS!

To Offer a Product that is

an Eco Safe Alternative 


Traditional Pest Control

To Make a Product that is

People, Pet, & Planet Friendly

To Provide a Product that is

Affordable, Effective, & Long Lasting